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(for-SOOTH) Pronunciation

adverb: In truth; Indeed.

[From Middle English forsoth, from Old English forsoth, from for + soth (truth).]

The term is used to express doubt, disbelief, or contempt now. Its modern equivalent might be the word really, as in "Really?"

"Others wanted him to spend less on social services and old people - forsooth!"
Simon Hoggart; Howard is Upstaged by a Virtuoso Display of Sadie-Masochism; The Guardian (London, UK); Mar 18, 2004.

"Gold diggers and murderers forsooth, the stage is set as far as the JVP is concerned, for their historic entry into forming the next government."
Haunting Memories of the JVP That Linger; Sunday Leader (Colombo, Sri Lanka); Mar 21, 2004.

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