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exonumia (ek-suh-NOO-mee-uh, -NYOO-) noun

Objects that resemble money but do not circulate as coin or paper money. For example, tokens, coupons, medals, etc.

[From Greek exo- (outside) + num (as in numismatic: related to currency).]

"Objects such as savings bonds, gas-ration coupons and meat- and butter-ration coupons are indeed collectible. ... I have seen coin dealers, primarily at shows, handle exonumia on these and other subjects."
Don Alpert; Bond's Value Higher With Dec. 7 Stamp; The Los Angeles Times; Aug 11, 1988.

"While Canada and other countries have occasionally struck wooden currency, wooden money is `considered distinctly an American contribution to exonumia' -- objects that resemble money but are not for circulation as money."
Theresa Humphrey; They Take Wooden Nickels; The Sun (Baltimore, Maryland); Jan 27, 1993.

This week's theme: words about collecting and study of things.


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