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A.Word.A.Day--dragon's teeth

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dragon's teeth (DRAG-uhns teeth) noun

Seeds of discord. Usually used in the form "to sow dragon's teeth": to take an action that leads to future conflict.

[In Greek mythology, the Phoenician prince Cadmus killed a dragon and sowed its teeth. From those teeth sprang an army of men who fought each other until only five were left.]

"As some would tell it, the Court of Appeals sowed dragon's teeth five years ago in its landmark holding that a cable television provider's late fees were too high." Peter Geier; Despite Negative Image, Class-Action Lawyers Perform Important Job For Clients; The Daily Record (Baltimore, Maryland); Dec 10, 2004.

This week's theme: words derived from the names of mythical creatures.


When I can look Life in the eyes, / Grown calm and very coldly wise, / Life will have given me the Truth, / And taken in exchange---my youth. -Sara Teasdale, poet (1884-1933)

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