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deride (di-RYD) verb tr.

To laugh at in scorn or contempt.

[From Latin deridere, from de- + ridere (to laugh). Other words that share the same root are ridiculous and risible.]

See more usage examples of deride in Vocabulary.com's dictionary.

"At first, Mr. Feinberg, whose official title was special master, was derided as an arrogant Solomon, even though he was working on the fund with no compensation." David W. Chen; Special Master Steered a Program Through Its Many Curves; The New York Times; Jun 16, 2004.

"Mr. Hubbert's analysis was derided - until it turned out to be correct." Review: Warning to All Gas Guzzlers: Expect a Crude Awakening; Dallas Morning News (Texas); Jun 11, 2004.

This week's theme: words to highlight rankism ( https://breakingranks.net )


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