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A.Word.A.Day--Davy Jones's locker

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Davy Jones's locker (Day-vee JON-ziz LOK-uhr) noun

The bottom of the ocean, especially when regarded as the grave of those who perish at sea.

[Davy Jones is personification of the sea or the spirit of the sea. But who was Davy Jones? Nobody knows, but if he was a real person chances are he was a sailor.]

"Davy Jones's locker is the ultimate commons: vast, ownerless and largely unknown." Edward Carr; The Sea: Going Deep; The Economist (London, UK); May 23, 1998.

"Water depth is another tricky point. Superfish needs about 1m to stay afloat, but in the Whitsundays it can go from Davy Jones's locker to bathtub level at the blink of an eye." Barry Oliver; Dream Boat; The Australian (Sydney); Apr 19, 2003.

This week's theme: words coined after someone's name.


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