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Cyprian (SIP-ree-uhn) adjective

1. Of, or pertaining to Cyprus.

2. Lewd.


1. A native or inhabitant of Cyprus; a Cypriot.

2. A lewd person.

[From Latin Cyprius (of Cyprus), from Greek Kyprios, from Kypros (Cyprus), birthplace of Aphrodite (also called Cypris), the goddess of love and beauty.]

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"Cyprian Okoro, 38, a GP in Beckenham, Kent, was found guilty of making lewd comments to two vulnerable women patients." Doctor Made 'Lewd' Comments; The Independent (London, UK); Apr 9, 2000.

"The Starr report is lewd, Cyprian, gamy, racy, titillating, ithyphallic, Paphian, prurient, salacious, and ... er ... just plain dirty." George McEvoy; Hefner, Guccione, Flynt, Goldstein ... Starr; Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, Florida); Sep 16, 1998.

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