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cyclopean (sy-kluh-PEE-uhn, si-KLOP-ee-uhn) adjective

1. Of or suggestive of Cyclops; one-eyed.

2. Huge.

3. Formed with large, irregular stones closely fitted without the use of mortar.

[From Latin Cyclopeus, from Greek Kyklops (Cyclops), from kyklos (circle) + ops (eye). Cyclops were a race of savage one-eyed giants in Greek mythology. They forged thunderbolts for Zeus in return for their freedom. Cyclopean walls were attributed to them for their strength in building such massive walls.]

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Pictures of Cyclops.

"Unlike the Tate Modern, which cleared out all its cyclopean turbines and boilers, the Wapping Project has retained as much as is sensible." Hugh Pearman; Power for the People; Sunday Times (London, UK); Oct 8, 2000.

"The stones of the arch have been replaced, but there are still the huge original cyclopean slabs at the base." Barry Unsworth; Volterra's Past Speaks In Its Stones; The New York Times; Mar 31, 2002.

This week's theme: words derived from the names of mythical creatures.


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