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crispin (KRIS-pin) noun

A shoemaker.

[After St. Crispin, patron saint of shoemakers. He and his brother St. Crispinian were martyred as Christian missionaries. They made their living as shoemakers.]

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"The draft then draws on a block of material from the boot and shoe trade described by the Narrator as 'the Crispin trade'. Simon Trussler and Clive Barker; New Theatre Quarterly; Cambridge University Press; Aug 25, 2003.

"And, lo! up starts the demon Drink.
The joiner's bench, the mason's shed,
The place of dough and smoking bread,
The tailor's board, the Crispin's stool
All, all proclaim the demon's rule!"
Janet Hamilton; Lyrics of Drink; Poems, Sketches And Essays; 1885.

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-Anu Garg


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