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crapulent (KRAP-yuh-luhnt) adjective

Sick from excessive drinking or eating.

[From Late Latin crapulentus (very drunk), from Latin crapula (drunkenness), from Greek kraipal (hangover, drunkenness).]

"A doctor examining one of his more crapulent patients said to him, 'Your body is a temple and your congregation is too large.'" Dale Turner; Guarding Our Health Lets Us Better Serve in Role God Intended; The Seattle Times; Apr 26, 2003.

"1975: Ever in search of new dining experiences, Vancouverites get crapulent on goblets of beer and fat drumsticks at the Mediaeval Inn." Liz Hodgson; The Curve Theme Restaurants; Vancouver Sun (Canada); Feb 26, 2000.

This week's theme: words that aren't what they appear to be.


I was never less alone than when by myself. -Edward Gibbon, historian (1737-1794)

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