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cornucopia (kor-nuh-KO-pee-uh) noun

1. A goat's horn overflowing with fruit, flowers, and grain, signifying prosperity. Also called horn of plenty.

2. Greek Mythology. The horn of the goat that suckled Zeus, which broke off and became filled with fruit. In folklore, it became full of whatever its owner desired.

3. A cone-shaped ornament or receptacle.

4. An overflowing store; an abundance.

[Late Latin cornucopia, from Latin cornu copiae : cornu, horn + copiae, genitive of copia, plenty.]

"Despite its losses, the Crimson showed just how bountiful its cornucopia of talent is." Eduardo Perez-Giz, Harvard women lose hard-fought contest to Rhode Island, University Wire, 10 Dec 1998.

This week's theme: words from Greek and Roman mythology.


The little I know, I owe to my ignorance. Sacha Guitry, actor, director, screenwriter, and playwright (21 Feb 1885-1957)

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