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conurbation (kon-uhr-BAY-shuhn) noun

A large urban area involving several contiguous communities, formed as a result of expansion of neighboring areas.

[From con- (together, with) + Latin urb- (city) + -ation.]

"Anxious to consolidate St Petersburg as a conurbation, Peter the Great forced his nobles to build second houses on the plots of land he gave them just outside the city." Books And Arts: Country Life; The Russian Summer House; The Economist (London, UK); Jun 21, 2003.

"With the conurbation of shanty towns emerging in the area like mushrooms, very soon it might take hours to cross the area. And who says this is the way to develop a city or a nation?" S.B. Akuffo; The Land Use Mess at Kasoa; Accra Mail (Ghana); Oct 03, 2002.

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