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contemn (kuhn-TEM) verb tr.

To treat with contempt; to despise.

[From Middle English contempnen, from Latin contemnere, from com- + temnere (to despise).]

"Sarah's personality, after all, is almost singularly defined by her caring, symbiotic relationship with Leon and several other friends; in departing so abruptly, she seems to contemn this central dimension of her identity." Alex Raksin; The Dreams of Zoo Animals by Valmai Howe; The Los Angeles Times; May 7, 1989.

"Matthew Rees explains the ins and outs of the failed coup that has left Newt Gingrich contemning Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, and John Boehner, his GOP subalterns." Scot Lehigh; Sermon on Sex; The Boston Globe; Jul 30, 1997.

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Did you know that the worldwide food shortage that threatens up to five hundred million children could be alleviated at the cost of only one day, only ONE day, of modern warfare. -Peter Ustinov, actor, writer and director (1921-2004)

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