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condign (kuhn-DYN) adjective

Well-deserved, appropriate.

[From Middle English condigne, from Anglo French, from Latin condignus, from com- (completely) + dignus (worthy). Ultimately from Indo-European root dek- (to take, accept) that's the ancestor of other words such as deign, dignity, discipline, doctor, decorate, and docile.]

See more usage examples of condign in Vocabulary.com's dictionary.

"Anger is not a great human accomplishment, even when it is a condign response to events."
Leon Wieseltier; The First Palestinian-Israeli War; The New Republic (Washington, DC); Apr 15, 2002.

"But the doolally behaviour continued and his [soldier's] superiors considered more condign punishment."
Sian Busby; Shell Shock and Awe; The Times (London, UK); Aug 21, 2004.

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