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cavalier (kav-uh-LEER) noun

1. A mounted soldier; a horseman.

2. A gallant man, one escorting a woman.

3. A supporter of Charles I of England in his conflict with Parliament.


1. Arrogant; disdainful.

2. Nonchalant, carefree, or offhand about some important matter.

3. Or or pertaining to a group of English poets associated with the court of Charles I.

verb intr.

1. To play the cavalier.

2. To act in a haughty manner.

[From Middle French cavalier (horseman), from Old Italian cavaliere, ultimately from Latin caballus (horse).]

"All that can be said is that it is unfortunate in the extreme that an issue as complex as the citizen's right to be informed about political candidates has been handled in so cavalier and self-serving a manner." Passing the Ordinance; The Indian Express (New Delhi); Aug 26, 2002.

"Northcote resident Tony Sharrock said his rates had doubled to $400. `It's a travesty of justice. `The Government has billions of dollars surplus that could be spent on fixing transport infrastructure in Auckland but instead it allows the ARC to behave in a cavalier manner to milk ratepayers.'" Wayne Thompson; Phones Run Hot as ARC Rate Rises Shock Residents; The New Zealand Herald (Auckland); Jul 14, 2003.

This week's theme: words of horse-related origins.


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