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bumbershoot (BUM-buhr-shoot) noun

An umbrella.

[Blend of sounds of umbrella + parachute.]

"While the umbrella--or brolly or bumbershoot or parasol--has protected people from sun or rain for some 4,000 years, there apparently are a few rude umbrella handlers left on the planet."
Judy Hevrdejs; Wash That Gray Right Out of a Day; Chicago Tribune; Apr 6, 2003.

"You probably take your bumbershoot for granted. It's just an umbrella: a shaft, expandable ribs and waterproof fabric. But technology is slowly improving that generations-old design."
Dru Sefton; What's Up With Umbrellas?; Fort-Worth Star-Telegram; Jun 14, 2003.

This week's theme: portmanteau or blend words.


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