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(BRAS KOL-uhr) Pronunciation

adjective: Unwaveringly loyal to a political party; always voting a straight party ticket.

[Apparently from the allusion to the collar of a faithful dog.]

"[Bob McCandless] is an old-fashioned, liberal, brass-collar Democrat who at age 59 never has voted for a Republican."
Robert Novak; A Democrat Defects to Dole; Buffalo News; Sep 14, 1996.

"Brandon wanted to 'do away with the brass-collared officials in the big corporations' who wasted money on things like buying off legislators."
Randy Krehbiel; Tulsa Labor Day Holidays Mellowing; Tulsa World (Oklahoma); Sep 3, 2001.

This week's theme: Words related to elections


No humorist laughs at his own wheeze: A snuff-box has no right to sneeze. -Keith Preston, journalist and author (1884-1927)

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