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boondocks (BOON-doks) noun

1. An uninhabited area filled with thick brush.

2. A rural area; backwoods.

[From Tagalog bundok (mountain).]

"Once in the boondocks following the slump in industrial activity in the last few years, the company is now on its way back to profitability."
Cookie Combat; Business Standard (New Delhi, India); Sep 18, 2003.

"Even if upstart Espoo has taken over the mantle of the second-largest city in Finland, Tampere has at least been faring better than Turku and the other West Coast cities, let alone those places in the boondocks and in Northern Finland, many of which are suffering negative growth."
Saska Snellman; All Rise, Please, For the Creative Classes; Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki, Finland); Aug 26, 2003.

This week's theme: Words originating in Southeast Asian countries


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