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boffin (BOF-in) noun

A scientist, especially one involved in research.

[Of unknown origin.]

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If a pocket protector could be considered an official accessory of a nerd, white lab coat, glasses and clipboard would be the equivalent for a boffin. The term first appeared as a moniker given by members of Britain's Royal Air Force to scientists doing research on radar. But like most slang, the how and why of this are unknown.

"Wheeling out boffin Gerhard Nordlund, a researcher at Umeå University, Aftonbladet explained tired school kids need practical help in getting the most out of school."
Jon Buscall; School Doze; The Local (Sweden); Sep 3, 2004.

"Edwards dresses up in irredeemably square glasses, lab coat and hairdo to play Brains, the speccy, stuttering boffin."
James Rampton; A Part With the Right Specs; The New Zealand Herald (Auckland); Sep 4, 2004.

This week's theme: slang.


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