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avigation (av-i-GAY-shuhn) noun

Aerial navigation.

[Blend of avi- (bird) + navigation.]

"If the airport wins its point in a current lawsuit - in which the airport's lawyers argue that it has acquired avigation easements over neighboring homes, through historical use - what incentive would the airport commission have to follow through with such an expensive program?" T.W. McGarry; Outlook is Bleak for Quieter Airport; The Los Angeles Times; Aug 28, 1988.

"The city would pay other affected residents for the right to fly more planes over their property - or avigation easement rights." Elizabeth Campbell and Laura Vozzella; Many Residents See Mesa As Unwelcome Neighbor; Fort Worth Star-Telegram; May 5, 1997.

This week's theme: portmanteau or blend words.


Some fellows pay a compliment like they expected a receipt. -Kin Hubbard, humorist (1868-1930)

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