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armillary (AHR-muh-ler-ee, ahr-MIL-uh-ree) adjective

Of or pertaining to rings, circles, or hoops.

[From Latin armilla (bracelet, ring), from armus (shoulder).]

An armillary sphere is an ancient instrument made up of rings around a sphere, depicting the relative positions of important circles of the celestial sphere. Nowadays, they are popular as garden adornments. Picture of an armillary sundial.

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"Betty planted a box honeysuckle hedge in a semi-circle at the far end but the focal point in her vista is an armillary sphere--a skeletal metal globe." Formal Invitation; Dominion Post (Wellington, New Zealand); Mar 15, 2003.

"A terrestrial globe housed within a series of 11 interlocking armillary rings." Mary Kay Ricks; Chart a Course to the Library of Congress; The Washington Post; Mar 10, 1999.

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