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apron (AY-pruhn) noun

1. A garment, usually fastened in the back, worn over all or part of the front of the body to protect clothing. Something, such as a protective shield for a machine, that resembles this garment in appearance or function.

2. The paved strip in front of and around airport hangars and terminal buildings.

3. The part of a stage in a theater extending in front of the curtain.

4. A platform, as of planking, at the entrance to a dock.

5. A covering or structure along a shoreline for protection against erosion. A platform serving a similar purpose below a dam or in a sluiceway.

6. A continuous conveyor belt.

7. An area covered by sand and gravel deposited at the front of a glacial moraine.

verb tr.

To cover, protect, or provide with an apron.

[Middle English, from an apron, alteration of a napron, from Old French naperon, diminutive of nape, tablecloth, from Latin mappa, napkin.]

"This funding will be used to complete construction of a general aviation apron and construct a taxiway." Nouye Announces $19.7 Million in Grants to the State of Hawaii for Various Airport Infrastructure Improvements, Capitol Hill Press Releases, 30 Sep 1998.

This week's theme: words created by false splitting.


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