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analphabetic (an-al-fuh-BET-ik) adjective

1. Not alphabetical.

2. Unable to read; illiterate.


One who is unable to read; an illiterate.

[From Greek analphabetos, not knowing the alphabet : an-, not + alphabetos, alphabet.]

"It is not so surprising when one reflects that all cultures possess a literature. In an analphabetic culture, the literature will be an oral one." Herring, Scott, Du Bois and the minstrels, Melus, 22 Jun 1997.

"Ze dedicates the album to the Third World underclass, who despite being `analphabetic', still continue to `think, dance and dream'." Andy Gill, Pop: This Week's Album Releases, reviews by Andy Gill, Independent, 4 Dec 1998.


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