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agitprop (AJ-it-prop) noun

Propaganda, especially one that's political in nature, disseminated through art, drama, literature, etc.

[From Russian Agitpróp, from agitatsiya (agitation) + propaganda.]

Agitpróp was originally the name of the propaganda arms of the Central Committee and local committees of the Russian Communist Party in the former USSR.

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"And Stuff Happens will, reportedly, be even more of a hybrid. It is said to be not agitprop or documentary but a written play."
Kate Kellaway; Arts: Theatre of War; The Observer (London, UK); Aug 29, 2004.

"(Rob) Stein didn't begrudge the manufacturers of corporatist agitprop the successful distribution of their product in the national markets for the portentous catch-phrase and the camera-ready slogan."
Lewis H. Lapham; Tentacles of Rage; Harper's Magazine (New York); Sep 2004.

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