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Top Ten Subscribers

Here is the list of top ten corporations and universities based on the number of subscribers from those domains. Also check out the stats by top-level domain name.


Domain Subscriber Count Description
wipro.com 1595 Wipro Infotech
infosys.com 1398 Infosys Technologies
ibm.com 1207 IBM Corporation
tcs.com 693 Tata Consulting
ge.com 496 General Electric
cognizant.com 471 Cognizant Technology
ril.com 406 Reliance Industries
boeing.com 363 The Boeing Company
hp.com 347 Hewlett Packard
microsoft.com 329 Microsoft Corporation


Domain Subscriber Count Description
umich.edu 801 University of Michigan
cornell.edu 547 Cornell University
columbia.edu 535 Columbia University
harvard.edu 531 Harvard University
washington.edu 478 University of Washington
mit.edu 430 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ucla.edu 360 University of California, Los Angeles
umn.edu 359 University of Minnesota
yale.edu 307 Yale University
berkeley.edu 306 University of California at Berkeley

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