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Happy Sexennium, AWAD!

Announcing Birth of Wordsmith Talk

It was on March 14, six years ago, that A.Word.A.Day sent its first word to a handful of friends. Today, 277000 subscribers, 184 countries, 2000+ words, and 186 million messages later we still haven't run out of a love for words. We are still tickled on discovering a curious word, and we still believe a dictionary is the most fascinating book ever created.

On this occasion, we at Wordsmith World Headquarters present a bulletin board, Wordsmith Talk, where you can absorb words, discuss your favorites, powwow with fellow linguaphiles, help each other in sleuthing mystery themes, ask questions about etymologies, chitchat about puzzles, wordplay, crosswords and anything else that you can imagine.

We have grown to where we are because of your passion and participation. Please keep your messages coming.

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