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A Paean to Vocabulary

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 1995
From: Kate Wing (kwing@u.washington.edu)
Subject: A Brief Paen to Vocabulary...

Hooray Hooray for A.Word.A.Day!
Just the thing to have emailed my way
with unseemly devotion
I embrace the notion
of organized pixels with good things to say

Delighted I was, after one weary night
to open my mailbox and see come to light--
it's "peripatetic"
my fingers, frenetic
are dancing with joy at the beautiful sight!

Thank you, o thank you my distant thesaurus
For filling my heart with a syllabic chorus
my tongue jumps with joy
for its erudite toy
As my brain wanders through old growth forests (I'm a botanist...)

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