My Hobbies & Interests

Here are some of the things I like to do:

If you ask me to name the greatest inventions in history, on the top of my list would be the printing press. I love reading. Besides other things, I like to read about life. Thousands of books are available online, thanks to Project Gutenberg and Google Books.

I enjoy writing. I have published books, articles, and more.

To drop is human, to juggle divine. I can juggle three balls so far. Next, I'd like to learn club-juggling. Everything you ever wanted to know about juggling is at the Juggling Information Service.

I learnt riding the one-wheeler. Beirne Konarski helped me learn it. "Where is your other wheel?" If you ride a unicycle, this is a question you get asked often. Check out the canonical list of answers to this question. Learn all about it.

Some say I am addicted to water. Links to swimming related pages at Yahoo.

My favorite quote is: "If your ship hasn't come in, swim out to it." What is yours? My selected quotations are featured in A.Word.A.Day.

Ascii Art
It's amazing what all you can create with just a handful of characters on an ordinary keyboard. I created Programmer's Hall of Fame.
What else... I'll put some of my painting, cartoons and sketches here when I get around to scanning them.

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