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Anagrams for: Debate

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The care of every man's soul belongs to himself. But what if he neglect the care of it? Well what if he neglect the care of his health or his estate, which would more nearly relate to the state. Will the magistrate make a law that he not be poor or sick? Laws provide against injury from others; but not from ourselves. -Thomas Jefferson, third US president, architect and author (1743-1826)

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20 found. Displaying all:
Dab Tee
Bad Tee
Beat Ed
Beta Ed
Abet Ed
Bate Ed
Ad Beet
Date Be
Tad Bee
Tea Deb
Tea Bed
Ate Deb
Ate Bed
Eta Deb
Eta Bed
Eat Deb
Eat Bed
A Bet Ed
At Be Ed

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