About this book

"A secret to man's heart is through his stomach." my mom would tell me when I visited her after my marriage. I have kept recipes for many years in my recipe book. These are recipes I learnt from my mom over the years and my grandmother when I visited her during the holidays.

As a child I always enjoyed making variations of a dish. For some reason I never liked making a dish the same way as thousands of other people made it. I would sometimes add an ingredient or try something else to see how that would turn out. As a result my family always had to eat the not so traditional style of cooking. My husband asks when I make bisibelebaat that I have added peeled pumpkin and cantaloupe seeds in it which is highly non-traditional.

My husband has a sweet tooth so I am in the habit of making desserts. My daughter likes almost anything and everything I make (I thank God for such a lovely child) Sometimes she motivates and encourages me to make a particular dish I have skipped for a few weeks by reminding incessantly to prepare it.

The purpose of this book is to cook meals that are easy to prepare and fun at the same time. You will enjoy it even more if you cook them with a little helper (your loved one) and eat them together. If you like music, play soft music or a relaxation cassette in the boom box while making these dishes and you will heighten the joy of making it.

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