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A.Word.A.Day--Wall Street

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Wall Street (wol street) noun

US financial world.

[After a street in lower Manhattan, New York City, that was once home to most of the major investment firms, banks, analyst firms, and the New York Stock Exchange. The street got its name from the defensive wall that the Dutch colonists built in the area in 1653 to protect against the British and Native Americans.]

Counterparts of Wall Street in other countries are Bay Street (Toronto, Canada), Dalal Street (Mumbai, India), and The City of London or The Square Mile (London, UK).

See more usage examples of wall street in Vocabulary.com's dictionary.

"Eighteen paintings [of Alan Greenspan] were sold to mostly Wall Street types for $1,000 to $4,000." Zinie Chen Sampson; Fed Chairman Inspires Virginia Painter; Associated Press; Aug 12, 2005.

This week's theme: metaphorical terms having origins in New York.


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