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tsuris (TSOOR-is) noun, also, tsouris

Trouble; aggravation; woe.

[From Yiddish tsures, plural of tsure (trouble), from Hebrew sara (trouble).]

"Given the family's tsuris and tantrums, the wandering spirit and the collision of time and all those loose ends, things don't really get more dramatic than Saul's ineffectual slap in the face." Alvin Klein; Zigzagging Through a Cover-Up; The New York Times; Oct 26, 2003.

"If not for a little scheduling tsuris, we might have seen the ultimate New York comedy: Woody Allen directing Barbra Streisand. Spotlight Allen directing Streisand? There's a Laugh; The Toronto Star (Canada); Jul 2, 1999.

This week's theme: words borrowed from Yiddish.


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