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powwow (POU-wou) noun

1. A Native American ceremony featuring dances, feasting, fair, etc.

2. A Native American shaman.

3. A meeting, conference, or get-together.

verb intr.

1. To hold a powwow.

2. To confer.

[From Narragansett powwaw (shaman).]

"Putin himself went on a charm offensive Thursday at a meeting in the Kremlin with executives of more than a dozen leading Western and Russian investment banks. The unprecedented powwow came less than an hour after prosecutors announced they had seized the Yukos shares as collateral for the $1 billion Khodorkovsky allegedly cost the state." Catherine Belton; Kremlin Tempers Attack on Yukos; Moscow Times (Russia); Nov 3, 2003.

"At one point during the annual sales powwow at a San Francisco convention center in August, a wizened (John) Chambers came out from behind the podium to be closer to the 10,000 salespeople." Peter Burrows; Cisco's Comeback; Businessweek (New York); Nov 24, 2003.

This week's theme: words borrowed from Native American languages.


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