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May 14, 2007
This week's theme
Words borrowed from Spanish

This week's words
Alford plea
freudian slip

Internet Anagram Server
I, Rearrangement Servant
May I try your name?
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with Anu Garg

John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, a British politician in the eighteenth century, was so fond of gambling that he spent the whole day playing, while devouring slices of bread with a filling between them. Little did he know that his name would become eponymous with that food. From sandwich to boycott we use numerous eponyms (words named after people) in our daily discourse. In this week's AWAD, we'll look at five not so common eponyms.


(mez-MER-ik, mes-) Pronunciation Sound Clip RealAudio

adjective: Fascinating; hypnotic.

[After physician F.A. Mesmer (1734-1815) who discovered a way of inducing hypnosis through what he called animal magnetism.]

"Michael Dempsey: Bill would coax money out of record companies in a kind of mesmeric way."
Alexis Petridis; If You're Brave, Do It Like We Did; The Guardian (London, UK); Apr 27, 2007.

See more usage examples of mesmeric in Vocabulary.com's dictionary.


The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there. -Yasutani Roshi, Zen master (1885-1973)

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