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malarkey (muh-LAR-kee) noun, also malarky

1. Misleading speech or writing.

2. Nonsense; foolishness.

[Of unknown origin.]

"Malarkey is not uncommon out in this neck of the woods. Anyone keeping up with B.C. politics, fast cat ferries, the Vancouver Stock Exchange, leaky condos or the Canucks making a playoff run has bought a load of it at one time. Some of it we're still paying off on the malarkey instalment plan." Mark Laba; Sleight of Tongue; Vancouver Province (Canada); Oct 24, 2002.

"More than half a million people take to the streets to enjoy the fireworks spectacle but it is a family audience, without any of the Scottish alcohol-fuelled malarkey." Mike J Wilson; Bright Lights, Party City; The Scotsman (Edinburgh, Scotland); Jan 17, 2004.

This week's theme: miscellaneous words.


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