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kayo (kay-O) noun

1. A knockout in boxing.

2. Someone or something that is extraordinarily attractive or appealing.

verb tr.

1. To knock someone out, especially in boxing.

2. To get rid of or to make non-functional.

[Pronunciation of KO, abbreviation of Knock Out.]

"I suppose the very first post-match exclusive was when Kid Cain told the chap from the Daily Genesis how he had kayoed Sugar Ray Abel in the first. `Am I my brother's keeper?' Nice one, Kid." Frank Keating; 'Heaven will still blame me for something I didn't say'; The Guardian (London, UK); Jul 23, 2001.

"Crown Pacific Partners, an Oregon timber company, fell $1.44 to $18.56 after saying timber-price weakness kayoed its plans to sell itself." Greg Heberlein; Fed's Rate Decision Causes 'Big Yawn'; The Seattle Times; Aug 23, 2000.

This week's theme: abbreviations and acronyms.


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