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This week's theme: toponyms coined after places in Ireland (map of our virtual tour).

carrageen or carragheen (KAR-uh-geen) noun

An edible seaweed, usually purplish, found on the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. Also called Irish moss. Carrageen is the source of carrageenan, used as a thickener and emulsifier (to make sure a solid is evenly distributed in a liquid).

[After Carrageen, near Waterford in southeast Ireland.]

Carrageen pictures

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-Anu Garg (words at wordsmith.org)

"Melissa Katsoulis collects the school reports of famous writers. Who is this week's pupil?

    There is a petition going around this school requesting that cook supplement her carrageen moss pudding with the ripe wee noses of first-years, and we can only assume your son is at the bottom of it. This is a modest submission compared with his 'What I Did On My Holidays', a ridiculous confection seemingly designed to test the limits of our credulity. He should remember that there is a fine line between Juvenal and juvenile, and while the masters of Kilkenny are able to tell the difference, the world at large may not be.
Answer: Jonathan Swift." Melissa Katsoulis; Swots and monsters; The Times (London, UK);
Apr 14, 2007.


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