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How to generate a different grid
If you don't like how the Scrabble grid appears, press the Scrabalize button again and you'll get a different arrangement.

When I play Scrabble I'm a qat
When I play Scrabble I'm a qat
How to keep two words together in the grid
To keep two or more words together (for example, name of a person), join them with an underscore (for example: John_Smith) and pick "Yes" in the option "Treat words with _ as one string".

How to handle very large input
Web browsers have a limitation on how large a graphic they can handle. If you have very large input and find that the browswer runs into image size limitation, pick a smaller font size or use the plain-text option. Also, some browsers pause the activity in an inactive tab. In Chrome browser, to keep a tab active in the background while a large input is being processed, go to chrome://discards/ and toggle the "discard" option for that tab.

I have a super-secret text I'd like to scrabalize
The whole thing happens in your computer browser. The text is not sent to our server.

Could you add my language here?
Email us (words@wordsmith.org) a list of Scrabble points for the letters in your language and we'll add it here.

Could you add this feature?
Tell us what you have in mind and we'll consider it. Write to us at (words@wordsmith.org). Include your location.

Scrabble in other languages
Where to buy the Scrabble board game in various languages: Arabic, Braille, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

Have a question or discovered a bug? Write to us at (words@wordsmith.org).