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A Profile of the Hollanders

Jean Hollander has been director of The Annual Writers' Conferences at The College of New Jersey since the fall of 1982. She has taught literature and writing at Princeton University, The College of New Jersey, Brooklyn College, and Columbia University. Among her publications are:
  • A verse translation of Dante's Inferno with Robert Hollander. Doubleday, December 2000
  • Moondog, a collection of poems. Winner in the Quarterly Review of Literature. Poetry Book Series. 1996.
  • I Am My Own Woman, by Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. A translation. Cleis Press, 1995.
  • The Woman without a Shadow, by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. A translation. Edwin Mellen Press, 1993.
  • Crushed into Honey, a collection of poems. Winner of the Eileen W. Barnes Award. Saturday Press, 1986.
Robert Hollander is Professor in European Literature at Princeton University. He has published several books on Dante and several on Boccaccio. The most recent of these are Boccaccio's Dante: The Shaping Force of Satire (Michigan, 1997) and Dante: A Life in Works (forthcoming, Yale, April 2001). In 1988 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the City of Florence for his work on behalf of Dante; in 1997, honorary citizenship in the city of Certaldo, Boccaccio's hometown. In his younger days he wrote and published poems (a habit he has not totally abandoned). He is founder and director of both the Dartmouth Dante Project and the Princeton Dante Project, two sites on the Internet dedicated to the study of Dante, both reachable at www.princeton.edu/dante.


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