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This is a moderated chat. When you ask a question it is sent to the moderator who may forward the question to the Guest Speaker. Wordsmith Chat requires a Java enabled browser. You may find the following suggestions useful for an optimal experience.
  • You can fill in information about yourself in a profile that other attendees can view. To do so, click on the Settings button and then select Profile tab. You can view another person's profile by selecting his/her name in the Users window on right, then clicking on the info button above the name.

  • You can change font size, color, etc. by clicking on the Settings button and then selecting the Fonts tab.

  • Please send your question only once. Since this is a moderated chat, it goes to the moderator first, and then to the guest speaker. Hence, it may be some time before your question appears in the chat window.

  • If you need any help, please email (words AT wordsmith.org).

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Barbara Wallraff  
Atlantic Monthly  

Joseph Pickett  
American Heritage  
Sreenath Sreenivasan  
Columbia University  

Lisa Simeone  
National Public Radio  

Richard Lederer  
Language & Humor  

David Crystal  
Encyclopedia of English  

Steven Pinker  
Brain & Language  

Wendalyn Nichols  
Random House  

Robert & Jean H.  
Dante's Inferno  

Joseph Bruchac  

John Simpson  
Oxford English Dictionary  

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