circumaviate: to fly around
circumfulgent: shining about or around
circumvallate: to surround with a rampart or fortification
cismarine: on this or the near side of the ocean
citigrade: moving quickly
cladoptosis: annual shedding of twigs and branches
clarence: four-wheeled carriage
claudent: closing; ending; confining
claver: gossip
clavis: key; glossary; index; legend
clepe: to name; to call
cleronomy: inheritance
climacteric: critical time in a person's life; any critical turning point
clinometer: instrument used to measure slopes and elevations
clitter: to make a shrill rattling noise
cloque: fabric with an embossed design
clupeoid: like or resembling a herring
coadjument: mutual assistance
coaptation: joining or fitting together
coccineous: bright red
cockshy: object of criticism or ridicule

codon: mouth of a trumpet or bell I couldn't confirm this definition in any
several dictionaries.The only definitions given were for genetics, and some software articles.