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#102852 - 05/07/03 06:44 PM p. 105
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Carpal Tunnel

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manciple 8
5ME < OFr manciple, mancipe < ML mancipium, office of a purchaser < L, legal purchase, possession < manceps, buyer, contractor < manus, a hand + base of capere, to take: see MANUAL & HAVE6a steward or buyer of provisions, as for an English college, a monastery, etc.

noun a Hindu or Jain temple
[ETYMOLOGY: Hindi, from Sanskrit mandira]

5ME < L < IE base *ma3, good: see MAOANA6 [often M3]
1 in ancient Roman belief, the deified souls of the dead, esp. of dead ancestors
2 [with sing. v.] the soul or spirit of a dead person

5ME < OFr mangeure < VL *manducatoria, feeding trough < pp. of L manducare, to eat < mandere, to chew < IE base *menth3, to chew > MOUTH6 a box or trough to hold fodder for horses or cattle to eat

pl. 3goes or 3gos 5Port manga < Malay maEga < Tamil man-kay < man, mango tree + kay, fruit6
1 a yellow-red, oblong tropical fruit with thick rind, somewhat acid and juicy pulp, and a hard stone: it is eaten when ripe, or preserved or pickled when unripe
2 the tropical, evergreen, Asiatic tree (Mangifera indica) of the cashew family on which it grows

5Malay mangustan6
1 an edible East Indian fruit somewhat like an orange, with a thick, reddish-brown rind and sweet, white, juicy, segmented pulp
2 the tree (Garcinia mangostana) of the Saint Johnswort family, on which it grows

5L manipulus, orig., a handful, bundle < manus, a hand (see MANUAL) + base of plere, to fill: from use of bundles of hay as standards of the maniples6
1 a subdivision of the ancient Roman legion; one third of a cohort, consisting of either 60 or 120 men
2 5ME manaple < MFr < ML(Ec) manipulus < L6 a small cloth band formerly worn hanging from the left forearm by the celebrant of a Mass

state of NE India, on the Myanmar border: 8,631 sq. mi. (22,356 sq. km); pop. 1,434,000; cap. Imphal

5Fr manom\tre: coined (1705) by P. Varignon (1654-1722), Fr mathematician < Gr manos, rare (taken in sense "thin, sparse") + Fr 3m\tre, 3METER6 an instrument for measuring the pressure of gases or liquids
man[o[met[ric 7man#! met4rik8 or man#o[met4ri[cal

5AmSp < Sp, dim. of manzana, apple: see MANCHINEEL6 any of several shrubs or small trees (genus Arctostaphylos) of the heath family, found in the W U.S.

5Port marac; < Braz native name6 a percussion instrument consisting of a dried gourd or a gourd-shaped rattle with dried seeds or loose pebbles in it, that is shaken

5ML < Gr marasmos, a wasting away < marainein, to quench, cause to waste away: see MARE36 a condition of progressive emaciation, esp. in infants, as from inability to assimilate food

5L marcescens, prp. of marcescere, to wither, decay < marcere, to wither < IE *merk3, to grow soft, rot < base *mer3, to rub > MARE36 Bot. withering but not falling off


marcottage - a form of plant propagation in which rooting mediu;m is bound to the plant rather than enclosed in a pot or other container.

#102853 - 05/08/03 06:13 AM Re: p. 105
dxb Offline

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5L marcescens, prp. of marcescere, to wither, decay < marcere, to wither < IE *merk3, to grow soft, rot < base *mer3, to rub > MARE36 Bot. withering but not falling off

Excellent. We have a mallus that suffered from fireblight last year. Now I have a word to describe the appearence of its leaves. Thanks Dr Bill.



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