Posted By: wwh

velocipede - 03/23/04 12:40 PM

Trying to find "stumpjumper" to post about "tub thumper"
I found this picture of a velocipede:

On 1870 unpaved roads, that must have given your tailbones
a thumping!

Posted By: emanuela

Re: velocipede - 04/08/04 10:44 AM

Do you feel the root?
piede = feet
in other words, a way for moving fast

Posted By: Zed

Re: velocipede - 07/12/04 07:46 PM

The early ones had no pedals so the pelvis and spine (to be polite about it) would take the entire force. And no brakes - it's a wonder anyone survived to keep inventing!

Posted By: Interfacecadet

Re: velocipede - 11/29/13 07:03 PM

If everything worked perfectly, there would be no progress. Interesting, however, that today's bicycle refers to the structure of the machine and not to the power source. I wonder why...
Posted By: BranShea

Re: velocipede - 12/02/13 08:01 PM

Originally Posted By: Interfacecadet
If everything worked perfectly, there would be no progress.
It could keep me happy for a while though. Your post is in a very old and long out of attention thread. Maybe that's why they overlooked you.
As for bikes, the construction of the bike is of more importance than the construction of your feet. Wheels over heels.

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