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jejune - 04/10/04 03:56 PM

Date: Wed Jul 5 00:55:07 EDT 2000
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--jejune

jejune (juh-JOON) adjective

1. Not interesting; dull.

2. Lacking maturity; childish

3. Lacking in nutrition.

[From Latin ieiunus, meager, dry, fasting.]

Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu

Re: jejune - 04/10/04 05:04 PM

I always have liked this word, but sadly the definition is so boring...

Posted By: wwh

Re: jejune - 04/10/04 05:33 PM

Dear etaoin: makes a handy sly insult. But not really
the kind of word I have an appetite for.

Posted By: Faldage

Re: jejune - 04/11/04 11:36 AM

a handy sly insult

Yeah, it sounds like it should be used to refer to the girl-next-door type, young and delightfully fresh.

Posted By: wwh

Re: jejune - 04/11/04 01:13 PM

Joke on me. For quite a while I spelled it "jejeune"
and thought it was French for "pathetically immature".

Posted By: Bazr

Re: jejune - 06/27/14 01:08 PM

Even though it has a dull meaning it is quite versatile in it's use.
This is a word that I would consider in my vocabulary.

Posted By: wofahulicodoc

...should have gone into Words from Medicine ?? - 06/30/14 09:49 PM

...because it's also related to "jejunum," the second portion of the intestines (duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon):

from an online etymology dictionary:
jejunum (n.) late 14c., from Latin ieiunum, neuter of ieiunus (see jejune)...So-called because it typically is found empty during dissections, perhaps because it would tend to drain in a body laid on its back...
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