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spagyrist - 03/05/04 09:21 PM

A group of words from Webster 1913:
Could Harry Potter be a spagyrist?

Spagyric, Spagyrical
Spa*gyr"ic (?), Spa*gyr"ic*al (?), a. [LL. sparygicus, fr. Gr. to draw, to separate + to assemble; cf. F. spagirique.] Chemical; alchemical. [Obs.]
Spa*gyr"ic, n. A spagyrist. [Obs.] Bp. Hall.
Spag"y*rist (?), n. [Cf. F. spagiriste.]
1. A chemist, esp. one devoted to alchemistic pursuits. [Obs.]

2. One of a sect which arose in the days of alchemy, who sought to discover remedies for disease by chemical means. The spagyrists historically preceded the iatrochemists. Encyc. Brit.

Spahi, Spahee
Spa"hi (?), Spa"hee, n. [Per., Turk., & Hind. sipāhī: cf. F. spahi. See Seroy.]
1. Formerly, one of the Turkish cavalry.

2. An Algerian cavalryman in the French army

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Could Harry Potter be a spagyrist?

Harry Potter was a wizard. Which could equate to a spagyrist.


(in legends and fairy tales) a man who has magical powers.
synonyms: sorcerer, warlock, male witch, magus, (black) magician, necromancer, occultist, enchanter.
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Ah, another friend of Harry!
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The Name of the Wind - 07/02/14 01:34 AM

Actually, it's Kvothe who is the spagyrist...
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