Posted By: lorenzo Palindromes - 10/17/00 02:19 AM
How's this for a palindrome?
go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.
oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.
I madam, I made radio! so I dared! Am I mad, am I?
Yell alley. Yawn way.

Posted By: Jackie Re: Palindromes - 10/17/00 02:29 AM
"WOW"! Lorenzo, you're a genius!

Posted By: RhubarbCommando Re: Palindromes - 10/17/00 11:05 AM
Good stuff, Lorenzo.
It certainly beats the standard example, "Able was I ..." etc.

Posted By: maverick Re: Palindromes - 10/17/00 11:35 AM
How about a new slogan for Give Up Smoking Yet Again Day:


Posted By: maverick Re: Palindromes - 10/17/00 12:33 PM
oops, not quite there! ( J)

On a box of matches:


later... Ahh! Now I know what Edit Post means. Thanks, dear niece

Posted By: lorenzo Re: Palindromes - 10/20/00 01:25 AM
Am not sure if I am adding this to the forum. But for more palindromes (I can't take credit, they are from a book by Jon Agee)
These are some of my favorites:
Salt an atlas.
Smart rams.
Star rats.
Neil, an alien.
Llama mall.
Last egg gets Al.
A car, a man, a maraca.Dump mud.
If I had a hi-fi.
Pull up, bob, pull up.
Lion oil.
Pooh's hoop.
Egad, alas, a salad age.
Put eliot's toilet up.
Stack cats.
Damon, a nomad.
Nora, a raft...is it far, aaron?
Soda, bra, bottle, belt: to barbados.

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