Posted By: Wordsmith Forum software upgrade - 04/02/21 10:56 PM
Upgraded the software to the latest version. Please let us know if something doesn't look write. Thank you.
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: Forum software upgrade - 04/02/21 11:50 PM
full editor still not working well
Posted By: Wordsmith Re: Forum software upgrade - 04/03/21 12:39 AM
Please tell us what is not working in the full editor.

BTW, here's the what's new in this update:
We have upgraded from version 7.6 to 7.7
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: Forum software upgrade - 04/03/21 04:18 PM
I have to just start typing to see where it is going to appear. Used to be the cursor would appear first.
Now it does not appear until I start typing. If I try to skip two or three lines down, I don't know where
I am until I type, as the cursor does not appear until then: I just have to guess.

Like now, I just pressed the 'enter' button three times and ended up three lines below the above, but
there was no indication I had done so until I typed the word "Like". It is a guessing game.
Posted By: wofahulicodoc Well, yes and no - 04/04/21 01:03 AM
I characterize it differently: the insertion point isn't visible at the left-hand margin of the reply window - I thought it was just subsumed by the vertical frame - and returns to blinking visibility after any character (including a space) moves it away from the edge. This occurs in the Quick Reply window as well as the Full Editor.

I think it's been going on for weeks, if not a couple of months; if so, it may antedate any software upgrade. I treat it as a characteristic, a minor nuisance rather than a malfunction, and ignore it.
Posted By: Wordsmith Re: Well, yes and no - 04/04/21 01:40 AM
I was able to replicate the issue. Thank you.

It's a function of the forum display style/theme. Try this:

Click on your username on the top right.
Select "Preferences"
Choose a different theme under "Your Preferred Forum Style (aka Skin/Theme)"
For example, I was able to see a clear cursor in the reply box with the "new light" theme.
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: Well, yes and no - 04/04/21 09:17 PM
I followed your directions, nothing happened other than I now have a tannish colored borders.
Not a problem, I've been working without the cursor appearing for six months now and am used to it.
Thanks for looking into the problem for me.
Posted By: Wordsmith Re: Well, yes and no - 04/08/21 12:59 AM
Try a different theme. Some of them display the cursor clearly.
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: Forum software upgrade - 04/08/21 02:06 AM
Now the new reply Title Post appear
on the far left side . How do I get
it back to normal?/

I clicked on 'sunny dropshadow' and everything
(statistics, posters, icons,new members are
on the far left, and the yellow color is
Posted By: wofahulicodoc Re: Forum software upgrade - 04/09/21 01:42 AM
That's also under your control. Click on your name (upper right-hand corner) and select "preferences" from the menu that drops down (first choice there). About the fifth entry down is "post layout" and you have a choice of top or side.

Play around with the various settings and choices; there's more there that you may not have been aware of yet. Even after a these years!
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