Posted By: Jackie Spam---a lot - 05/07/14 06:11 PM
Oh, this was just what I needed today: probably at least 70 spam posts, all from the same sender. A lovely thing to try and deal with, when what I am needing to attend to is trying to keep an aggravating medical condition from becoming severe.

However, I'm not posting this in order to whine. I wanted to let you all know that my editing capability suddenly got nullified, about halfway through the deletions. The same thing happened a few hours ago, then came back, so perhaps I can only edit X-number of posts in one session. ?? I'll try again later. GRR-RR.

Interestingly, one of the screens I get reads You cannot edit this post, and the other reads You may not edit this post. [shrug]
Posted By: Wordsmith Re: Spam---a lot - 05/07/14 06:59 PM
Actually, it was nearly 400 spam posts! I just finished cleaning it up.

Unfortunately, spambots nowadays can read captchas successfully. I'm looking into what else we can do to make it more difficult for spammers to post here.

Jackie: Please take rest and do not let this detract you from attending to the medical issues. Not sure why the forum software stopped you from editing after a while. Probably some feature that's built-in, but it's not exposed so I can't change it. Thanks!
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: Spam---a lot - 05/07/14 08:20 PM
Yes, I cleaned up 400 on my computer and notified
moderator of at least 200, and kept at it until
it said, moderator already notified, which was
because spammer had five or more on a thread, and I
notified first and last. Good work guys.
Posted By: Jackie Re: Spam---a lot - 05/08/14 12:23 AM
Thank you. blush
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: Spam---a lot - 05/08/14 03:26 PM
Now you have to do it again today. I swear I'd never buy
cheap oakley sunglasses no matter how cheap.
Took me twenty minutes to delete the 1000 today.
I don't envy you, but you have my eternal thanks.
Posted By: Wordsmith Re: Spam---a lot - 05/08/14 09:07 PM
I've upgraded the bulletin board software to the latest version. If you notice any problems, please post here. Thank you.

I've also temporarily made user registration subject to approval. Once spammers realize that they are not able to post here, we can reopen the registration so anyone can register and post immediately without having to wait for the registration approval.
Posted By: Jackie Re: Spam---a lot - 05/09/14 03:27 AM
Thank you!
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: Spam---a lot - 05/09/14 03:25 PM
I'd keep the registration subject to approval by whatever
standards you use to approve them. I have had several
sites I've joined and approval was needed, it is not
unique and could put a severe blunt into the mess you/we
had last week. Thanks for all your work. You too Jackie.
Posted By: Cowboy_Monkey Re: Spam---a lot - 04/21/15 11:56 PM
Originally Posted By: LukeJavan8
Now you have to do it again today. I swear I'd never buy
cheap oakley sunglasses no matter how cheap.

Oakley: Not cheap. But Oakies: Big time cheaper than cheap!

I use to sell Oakies, mostly at flea markets, but that's where Oakley's private cops visited quiet frequently. Those dudes were serious about infringement. And I was just as serious about not getting caught. Didn't wanna miss class because I was in the pokey.

Yeah...I'm a common bastard...not too embarrassed to admit it...some students run carrying a football in a stadium to pay for tuition. I had to run carrying rip-off sunglasses through a parking lot.
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