Greetings! My first post....

I create crossword puzzles as an insane diversion. A new puzzle I am working on has a limerick as the central theme.

I am looking for a city/town/country (recognizable to an American reader - cannot be obscure) that has the sound "its" as its final syllable. i.e. habits, merits. A wonderful word for my limerick would be a word that has a short i sound as the preceding syllable. i.e. digits, limits

If an acceptable word can be found, I would be glad to post the limerick - for your amusement.

Thanks, in advance!
There's always Auschwitz, but it might be a bit touchy.
Yes, I briefly considered....its doubtful I would get published
I got that by searching onelook for *itz and limiting the results to proper nouns. You might try the same with *its.
Moritz is also in Germany
Also St. Moritz, Switzerland.
Thanks so far.....it is now becoming apparent that there is a metrical requirement...... as this town/city/country is the final word of the first line, the accent within the word must fall on the next-to-last syllable. i.e. There once was a young man from Nimitz .....or, A woman who slept for five minutes.

Damn, Auschwitz is now looking better.
Kibbutz, kibbitz.
obits (death notices)
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cubits, Q-bits

"Manishevitz" fits all the requirements except it isn't a place-name. However, "A businessman named Manishevitz," or "A purveyor of fine wines and spirits" could go places.

There's an Israeli newspaper Ha'Aretz.

All with the defect that the rhyme is on the unstressed final -its but the stressed penultimate syllables should line up too, for greater assonance.
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Wih the short -i- constraint


What intervening cnosonant are you working with "--i_its" ?
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Would Colditz be acceptable?
As I fished on a bank of the Pegnitz*,
Or possibly it was the Regnitz*,
An expatriate Brit
(An upper-class twit)
Cried: "What ho! I catch 'em with megnets!"

* Two neighbouring rivers in Germany
So I guess the wanna-be town of Slap-Full, Alabama would be out of the running.

Got its name from the hardware/grocery/gas station/post office that always had the shelves...slap-full.

Hmmmm...ending with "its" sound... Collidits: A place so small, residents can't help but bump into each other.

Parrots...Carrots...Parrots eating carrots... Parrots stewed in carrots. Diamond carats... Grits...Grits in a Pitt. A Skit..Skidbit

AWE HELL! You and your insanity...DAMN YOU TO...wait a second... Snakebit...Sharkbit...Lovebit...Tidbit...Littlebit

Hmmmm...Littlebit can be a dog's name...WALA!

What in tarnation is that coming over the horizon...?



Lookie here...Don't you come around these parts no more...gettin me all bowed-up, infected. Less of course you got something really challenging...
There once was a young man from Pullet,
Who got shot in the head with a bullet.
It first glanced off Fitzpatrick's shed,
Then screamed pass Mary Elizabeth's bed.

Little known beyond that right now,
But the constable suspects his cow.
Perhaps you might think, that he's a bit daft,
before understanding what he did to her calf.

Kinda hard to prove, no opposable thumb,
But Bessie was holding the smoking gun.
It took some time for this to blow over,
Mother and daughter are back in clover.
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For me

cubits, Q-bits
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...and my guess is that you may not get a reply, since the query was placed a couple of years ago. (Nobody else got one either, even contemporaneously.)
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Good catch, Doc!
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