Posted By: John_sunshine Use of these words... - 08/17/06 10:07 PM
Hello friends,

Could you demonstrate how to use these words: 1.peregrination(=travel);
4.mortify(=embarrass) and

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Posted By: Zed Re: Use of these words... - 08/17/06 10:40 PM
John is a sporadic poster who monitors AWAD in a desultory manner. Since his posts are interesting I hope this entreaty for more regular posts will not mortify him.
(off the top of my head)

Actually I would be more likely to use entreat as a verb than the above noun. Mortify is a stronger word than embarrass, closer to humiliate.
Not sure about peregrinate.
Any corrections from those who took longer to think??
Posted By: Jackie Re: Use of these words... - 08/18/06 01:56 PM
Welcome aBoard, John. You must have a lot of stories to tell, after all of your peregrinations.

Darn it--I wanted to put a [tacit approval of Zed's post e]; but putting it takes away its tacitity!
Posted By: FNAWrite Re: Use of these words... - 08/18/06 02:29 PM
Not corrections.

Oddly, I think I have used enteaty the noun more than entreat the verb.

Likewise perergrination almost exclusively as opposed to peregrinate.

I am sure I have more often used and heard mortify in the past tense as in so and so was mortified.

I'd never really thought about disconnected as a definition for desultory but on thought it is quite apt.
Posted By: Father Steve Re: Use of these words... - 08/20/06 11:48 PM
"Perergrination" is one of those words which tend to sound stuffy, hyper-intellectual and out of place in conversation and casual writing. I see it used more for this effect than in regular communications.
Posted By: John_sunshine Re: Use of these words... - 08/21/06 12:00 AM
Thank you very much for your response. I can imbibe them much better now. The most confusing word is "perergrination" for me, as for "mortify", I guess it's more appropriate to use its passive voice and past tense.

Thanks again for all of your help.
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