Posted By: Willy H.P. Lovecraft - 03/16/00 03:28 AM
Are there any other AWAD folks out there who enjoy the wonderful vocabulary that H.P.Lovecraft uses in his writing? Perhaps we would enjoy talking about some of these words. To begin with, does anyone know what a "gambrel" roof is?

Posted By: whalemeat Re: H.P. Lovecraft - 03/16/00 06:19 AM
'gambrel' relating to roofs means different things in the uk and the USA. UK meaning is a roof having a small gable at each of the two ends and in the us it is one with two slopes on each of the two sides, the lower side being steeper than the upper - similar to what is called a mansard roof in europe

Posted By: lusy Re: H.P. Lovecraft - 03/18/00 07:43 AM
Good grief! I didn't know that! Thank you, Whalemeat, if I may call you that.

Posted By: alf Re: H.P. Lovecraft - 03/18/00 08:35 AM
So far I haven't read anything by Lovecraft. I'd like to, though. With which book should I start?

-When you impugn you hazard repugnant pugnacity!
Posted By: Willy Re: H.P. Lovecraft - 03/19/00 06:18 AM
Thanks for replying! Arkham House Publishers has a nice three volume set of Lovecraft's writings. The first one is "The Dunwich Horror and Others." It's pretty good to start. They also have some annotated editions of his writings in case you want to know more about some of the obscure and archaic references he makes.His writing can also be found in many collections. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know.

Posted By: Bryan Lovecraftisms - 03/23/00 04:49 PM
I enjoy reading Lovecraft too. One of my favorite Lovecraftisms is "eldritch."

From http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/rbeard/diction.html

Function: adjective
Etymology: perhaps from (assumed) Middle English elfriche fairyland, from Middle English elf
+ riche kingdom, from Old English rIce -- more at RICH
Date: 1508

Posted By: bberry Re: H.P. Lovecraft - 03/23/00 07:42 PM
Most of the classic barns in the U.S. have gambrel roofs.


Posted By: David108 Re: H.P. Lovecraft - 05/10/00 02:01 AM
Check out roof illustrations at:


Posted By: Jackie Re: H.P. Lovecraft - 05/10/00 12:16 PM
I did. COOL! Thanks! Painless learning--I love it!

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